Beginning in 2013, Edgeworks started developing indie apps for iOS. At first ranging from business apps to productivity tools and more, before long Edgeworks returned to its entertainment roots and began developing a line of mobile games, tabletop gaming aids, and media players for iPhone and iPad.

Edgeworks continues this trend today, exploring new forms of mobile entertainment while staying true to our core belief: that games don't need to be dumbed down or diluted to be fun, and that players everywhere will respond to smart, innovative games that give them new challenges to overcome and new worlds to explore.
The universe is your playground in TerraGenesis! Explore space and terraform new worlds in this fun and accessible planet simulator that’s rooted in real science.
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Characterize is the perfect creator tool for writers, role-players, storytellers, and anyone who needs to come up with original characters on the fly.
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Espionage puts you in command of a global intelligence and spy organization vying for world domination!
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Genesis is a story generator for writers, designers and creators of all types, specializing in automatically creating worlds, settings, and story elements from a huge database.
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Savage Worlds LiveSheet
The LiveSheet is the ultimate companion for the ultimate tabletop RPG, Savage Worlds!
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Listen to movies with your screen locked and play music through your phone's receiver, with Multiplex!

Dungeon Roller
The perfect generator for tabletop RPGs, specializing in creating random worlds, settings, and story elements.

A one-step tool for creating custom maps of alien worlds, fantasy realms, and imaginary landscapes.

Operation Ares
Lead one of Mars's most powerful factions in revolution, and secure the future of the Red Planet!


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Live Q&A w/ Alexander Winn
Hey folks! If you haven't heard, I'll be doing a live Q&A on Facebook tomorrow, Sat March 25 at 1pm Pacific.

I'll be talking about TerraGenesis, answering your questions, and there'll be a VERY exciting announcement at the end. Come check it out! MORE »
750,000 Terraformers
Hey, folks! I'm currently working on a BIG update to TerraGenesis, but in the meantime I have a very exciting announcement: TerraGenesis has just reached 750,000 players!

This has been an incredible eight months since we soft-launched TerraGenesis, and I couldn't be happier or more proud of t... MORE »
TerraGenesis v4.2
This update contains numerous small bug fixes and new additions, many of which were suggested by the players:

- Fixed a bug that would allow a random event saving “hundreds of lives” on cities with less than 100 population (thanks, Gage!)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the BioFixture Lab to... MORE »
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