Ever since the release of TerraGenesis Edgeworks has experienced a resurgence of interest and popularity, and now we're looking for talented people to come join the team and take Edgeworks to the next level!
Edgeworks Entertainment is dedicated to making smart, unique games and entertainment, and to do that we need the right people. In return we offer a fun, supportive working environment, and the chance to work on successful indie projects unlike anything else in the industry. To learn more about who we are and whether you might be a good fit, you can check out our culture deck here.
Things are happening fast around here these days, so if you're interested in getting involved, apply now!
Communications Director
Run our social media presence, engage with fans, answer questions, and be the voice of Edgeworks Entertainment!
Unity Developer
Help convert TerraGenesis from iOS to Unity, and then help build the next game from the ground up!

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The Big Announcement
Hey, folks! Well we've been hinting at it for a while now, and I'm absolutely thrilled to say that Lacey and I are finally ready to pull the curtain back on what we've been doing for the last several months:

As of three weeks ago, Edgeworks Entertainment has signed a publishing deal with Tilti... MORE »
PocketGamer Interview with Alexander Winn
A new interview with Alexander Winn, developer of TerraGenesis, has been published over at PocketGamer. Check it out, and get a glimpse behind the scenes of TerraGenesis! MORE »
One Year Later
A year ago today I was sitting on a couch in Christchurch, New Zealand. My wife and I were three weeks into a seven-month tour of the country, housesitting for a lovely couple who were visiting their daughter in the UK. We were bundled up in Merino wool against the kiwi winter, talking about wher... MORE »
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