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The Heretic Soundtrack CD

The soundtrack from The Heretic includes all of the original songs composed for the series, along with several bonus tracks.

The soundtrack is available as a CD which will be shipped to your address. Please be sure that your address listed on PayPal is your current and intended address. Items will ship in 1-3 days.

The Codex Soundtrack is also available as a digital download, for those who prefer to receive their music asap!

Track List:
-Execution (2:50)
-Opening Titles (1:37)
-Wandering the Island (0:56)
-Propaganda Sequence (1:37)
-Battle Simulation (3:17)
-A Leap Of Faith (1:42)
-Battle for the Livingston (1:44)
-The Spartans Arrive (0:49)
-Escape Plan (2:20)
-Dove Revealed (1:20)
-The Covenant Armada (6:26)
-Standoff (2:55)
-The Battle (5:40)
-It Is Done (2:21)
-End Credits (1:17)



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