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The League of Ordinary Gamers Season 1 Soundtrack CD

The soundtrack from Season 1 of The League of Ordinary Gamers includes all of the original songs used in the series, along with several bonus tracks.

The soundtrack is available as a CD which will be shipped to your address. Please be sure that your address listed on PayPal is your current and intended address. Items will ship in 1-3 days. The League Season 1 Soundtrack is also available as a digital download, for those who prefer to receive their music asap!

Track List:
-Edgeworks Theme
-LEAGUE Opening Theme
-The LAN Party
-Reggie Powers Up
-Waking Up
-Where's Martin?
-The Shadowy Agent
-Hallway Chase
-Firefight Record
-Delicious Fro-Yo
-Chuck's Interrogation
-This Is Your Moment
-LEAGUE Theme Suite

NOTE: All money raised from the sale of Season 1 Soundtracks and DVDs will go straight toward financing Season 2, so if you'd like to see your favorite super-powered gamers return, be sure to order now!

Edgeworks Anniversary
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In our most anticipated news…

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The Big Announcement
Hey, folks! Well we've been hinting at it for a while now, and I'm absolutely thrilled to say that Lacey and I are finally ready to pull the curtain back on what we've been doing for the last several months:

As of three weeks ago, Edgeworks Entertainment has signed a publishing deal with Tilting Point to market and distribute TerraGenesis on iOS, Android, and potentially even PC/Mac and more!

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Live Q&A w/ Alexander Winn
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I'll be talking about TerraGenesis, answering your questions, and there'll be a VERY exciting announcement at the end. Come check it out! MORE »
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