Happy February 9th!

I have to admit, it's been a slow year for Edgeworks Entertainment. Even I was surprised when I realized I'd only made one newspost since this time last year. A lot of people have been thinking Edgeworks is dead, and I'll admit, sometimes it has felt that way even to me. But I promised you that the story wasn't over yet, and today I make good on that promise.

As many of you know, I've been on a break from filmmaking for a while now. I suppose I got spoiled by machinima, with its great sweeping potential and low production costs, but the process of organizing and funding live-action projects has proven quite the challenge. Because of that, my efforts over the past few years have been increasingly focused in another area: programming.

I got into programming by accident. And, as with so much in my life, I have Edgeworks to thank for it. What began as learning HTML to update the Edgeworks website slowly developed into learning PHP and MySQL to add new features, and then learning Objective-C to create an Edgeworks Entertainment iPhone app, and now ten years later I am an accomplished professional iOS app developer. It's been a wild ride, but along the way I've built up quite a portfolio: 23 apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac App Stores, with thousands of downloads and more coming every day.

But as my apps have grown, they've taken more and more of my focus away from Edgeworks. The intoxication of success and the allure of projects that can be completed quickly and affordably make for a potent combination, and for a time I thought perhaps Edgeworks would no longer be a part of my life.

But that ends now.

Today, eleven years to the day since the release of Episode 1 of The Codex, I am announcing the biggest shift in the history of Edgeworks Entertainment. From now on, Edgeworks is no longer a video production studio, but a fully-fledged entertainment company. Our webseries and other videos have been re-organized under the new Edgeworks Studios banner, and my complete portfolio of apps are being re-branded as an entirely new division: Edgeworks Interactive.

Overnight, Edgeworks has gone from having a portfolio of three completed projects to over two dozen.

Gone are the days of a silent, empty newsfeed. I will now be posting updates regularly, both for my forthcoming audio and video projects and for my large and growing slate of apps and games. And who knows? Maybe a few other projects might crop up too. Edgeworks is throwing open its doors, so be ready for anything from video games to podcasts to books and more.

I cannot express how excited I am to get back into the swing of things. It truly feels like coming home. And to honor that feeling, I have redesigned and relaunched the website and the forums at our brand-new location:! I've already added banners and links for the first batch of apps alongside our webseries, and I'll be adding more over the next few months, along with tweaking and expanding the new site. Be sure to check back regularly, because things are about to get a lot more active around here!

I could go on and on, but this newspost is already one of our longest ever, so I'll spare you the rest. For now I'll just say this: welcome back, check out the new digs, and stay tuned.

Edgeworks Entertainment is back.
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Hey, folks. It's been pretty quiet around here recently, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on recently that I think you might enjoy!

Since becoming an iOS developer a few years ago, I've launched almost two dozen apps. But the latest has already become one of my most popular: a spy strategy game called Espionage.

Espionage lets you take charge of a global intelligence organization, in the spirit of SHIELD or Hydra. Starting from a single city, you build you powerbase, recruit new agents, and try to assert your influence over the entire world! Espionage has already gotten a very warm reception on the App Store, and I think you'll really enjoy it.

So any of you with iPhone, iPod touches or iPads, please check out Espionage and help me spread the word!
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10 Years and Counting
Wow. Ten years.

It's been ten years since Ryan, Patrick, Meghan and I gathered up around the computer screen and released Episode 1 of The Codex. The website looked different back then, and for a while we kept our identities hidden, because we thought people would take us more seriously if they didn't know we were high school kids. But standing there in our custom-printed Codex shirts, we knew that we had started something special.

Eight months went by in a blink, and before we knew it, we had completed a 20 episode series. We swept the RoP awards, we visited A-KON and O-Conn, we were on MTV and NPR and dozens of other news sites, we got a glowing review from the Editor-In-Chief of WIRED Magazine, and we ended up garnering over a hundred million hits.

But most importantly, along the way we developed a following among some of the nicest, smartest, kindest, funniest, and all-around best fans we could ever hope for. It is the community that has made Edgeworks Entertainment and The Codex such a rewarding experience, and I will never be able to properly voice my appreciation of each and every one of you.

We don't have a new series to announce today, or a new trailer to show. I'm spending most of my time on FlitterWeb these days, (we'd love to have you all over there!), and when I do write, it's currently in the form of a novel. But a 10 year anniversary doesn't come along everyday, so I wanted to celebrate it in a way that properly showcased my appreciation of you, the fans.

I've commissioned three limited-edition, professionally-designed movie posters for The Codex, the first official movie posters ever produced by Edgeworks Entertainment, and I'll be sending copies to any fan who wants one, free of charge. They're also available as a digital download, and once you receive the poster of your choice, if you want to buy the other two, you can do so from the Store. Just fill out this form in the next week and I'll send them out, a token of my gratitude and appreciation.

Edgeworks Entertainment isn't making anything new right now, and I don't know when that will change. The Codex and The Heretic ended years and years ago, and I doubt I'll ever have the privilege of making Halo machinima again. But thanks to an incredible group of people whom I've never even met, this webseries remains the single most important thing I've ever done, and the single greatest memory I have. So thank you, to anyone and everyone who was and continues to be a part of this incredible journey. Thank you, and, as always, stay tuned.

The story's not over yet.
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FlitterWeb - The Index of the Internet
Hey, folks! I have some exciting news for you today, an announcement that hopefully will help both me and you in the years to come!

Last week, I launched a brand new website business. The site is called FlitterWeb, and it's a website-review site where users can share, review, and discover new websites, webseries, webcomics, and other online content. So if you're looking for a rare bookstore online, or a writer's group for your new screenplay, you can read some reviews and find the right one.

I'm really aiming to make this site into a "going operation," so to speak, and as such I am trying to build the userbase as much as possible. I already have dozens of websites in the system and ready to be reviewed, ranging from reddit to Netflix to xkcd, but I need people to sign up and write reviews. It doesn't matter for what, you can feel free to focus on Edgeworks-related sites like Rooster Teeth or, or you can branch off toward Epic Rap Battles of History or Pinterest.

You can even review Edgeworks Entertainment itself!

Every review will be appreciated, and if you share the link to the site on FB and Twitter, even better! And, as an added bonus, if you have a website yourself (or a friend does), writing three reviews unlocks the ability to submit sites to the database, so go get the word out about your own projects!

The Edgeworks community has been the most loyal and wonderful fanbase anyone could ever hope for, and I can't think of a better way of launching my new site than by enlisting your aid. Thank you all, and good luck with everything you're working on!
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Looking Forward, Looking Back
Hey, folks! Things have gotten pretty quiet in these parts, but it's February 9th, and that means we have cause to celebrate!

This year I've got a blast from the past for you: while combing through old hard drives and consolidating folders, I recently came across all the old files from The Codex. That's right, the place where it all began, nine years ago to the day. Among those files I re-discovered something that I have long thought forgotten: the Codex DVD. We used to give them out for a while as free gifts for sponsors, and while we sadly can't do that anymore thanks to copyright issues, I thought it only fitting that we make the feature-length cut of The Codex available to everyone this year!

From the very first day of production, we had always considered The Codex to be a single piece released in sections, rather than a truly episodic story. It's meant to be watched straight-through, and now, that's exactly what you can do!

We're also releasing a second version to our Sponsors, a feature-length cut with a Director's Commentary by yours truly, which can give you a whole lot of insight into the production, the creative decisions, and the experience of making our biggest hit to date. It's a bit of a trip to hear myself doing this commentary, so many years later, but it contains several stories and anecdotes that I had even forgotten myself, so I hope you all find it entertaining and informative!

I also have one more thing to share with you all, something more to do with the future rather than the past: I have recently started a blog, and I'd love for you to check it out. It's a place where I can relate my experiences trying to work my way into the film/television industry, share snippets and samples of projects I'm working on, and hopefully start a dialogue with the community about the things going on with my career. It's not a diary or a personal journal, this is a place for me to share my professional experiences and get feedback to help me hone my skills. And given that you all are my biggest and most loyal fans, I would love to get your impressions of my latest projects more than any others!

Edgeworks is, was, and always will be the place for my filmmaking endeavors. It's definitely been slow since League, and for several years before that, but I'm not finished yet and this will continue to be the place to find my movies. But I'm also a writer, an app developer, a web designer, and any number of other things, and will be the place to find out about those other efforts.

For example, right now you can follow along with a bi-weekly series I've been writing called Q'art Hadash, following the events of an RPG I've been running with several members of the League cast. I'd love to get your feedback in the comments section of any post I make, and of course any articles or stories that you deem share-worthy, I'd love for you to share!

Edgeworks has had, and continues to have, the very best fanbase in the world. I've always said that my biggest source of pride from running this company was that our community drew in thoughtful, creative, and articulate people from all over the world, while the rest of the Internet (let's just face it) is kind of like a cross between The Coneheads and an anarchist riot. I am so grateful to those of you who have been a part of our community these past nine years, for those of you who remain with us nine years later, for those of you who continue to support us (we still sell Codex and Heretic soundtracks multiple times a month!), and for those of you who enjoyed our work. February 9th is about you, much more than it is about us, and I for one just want to say thank you, all of you, for sharing this experience with us.

Happy February 9th!
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