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The Codex Digital Soundtrack

The award-winning soundtrack from The Codex includes all of the original songs used in the series, along with three bonus tracks and an all-new, never-before-seen track from Episode 1 - The Gathering Storm.

The soundtrack is available for download as a ZIP file, a link to which will be emailed to you after you place your order. Once you receive it, just unzip the audio files (m4a format) and import them into iTunes or your media player of choice!

The Codex Soundtrack is also available as a CD, for those who prefer to keep their music tangible, or who want to give it as a gift!

Track List:
-The Gathering Storm (4:11)
-Shadows in the Dark (3:39)
-Ambush (1:58)
-Red 1 - Jack Foster (1:56)
-The Captain of the Seraphim (0:52)
-Requiem for Green 2 (1:49)
-Rescue (3:28)
-Cry "Havoc!" (4:41)
-The Awakening of the Praeceptor (1:14)
-Rallying The Troops (3:00)
-Power Plays (1:25)
-The End Of All Things (2:14)
-End Credits (0:38)
-BONUS: The Making of Episode 15 (1:47)
-BONUS: Jack's Theme - Original Version (1:15)
-BONUS: Rallying The Troops (w/ dialogue) (2:58)



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