Before Edgeworks started making games, we made several hit webseries. The first, a Halo machinima series called The Codex, garnered over 90 million hits during its 20-episode run in 2005. Since then Edgeworks has produced a seven-episode prequel series, and a live-action scifi/comedy called The League of Ordinary Gamers.
The Codex
The Halo machinima phenomenon that launched Edgeworks Entertainment.
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The Heretic
Following the wild popularity of The Codex, Edgeworks released a feature-length prequel entitled The Heretic.
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The League of Ordinary Gamers
Three roommates get sucked into a world of espionage and danger when they steal a TV that secretly contains a device for granting superpowers.
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Heading to GDC
Hey, folks. Just a quick update: Lacey and I will be heading to GDC (the Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco this week, so we won't be able to spend as much time engaging with the community and answering questions over the next few days. If you're a developer at GDC though, definitely dr... MORE »
TerraGenesis v4.1
This update contains numerous small bug fixes and new additions, many of which were suggested by the players:

- Fixed a bug related to purchasing world bundles (if you experienced this bug, just tap "Restore Purchases" after updating to get your worlds immediately!)
- Fixed a bug that would... MORE »
Edgeworks Day
Hey, folks! Happy February 9th!

For those who donít know, February 9th is Edgeworks Entertainmentís anniversary, celebrating the day that our very first webseries, a Halo-machinima series called The Codex, was launch... MORE »
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